Worship services canceled for winter weather

Enfield American Baptist Church will not meet on Sunday, January 24th, due to the current snow/wind conditions. We’ll resume on Sunday, January 31st, and I invite you to read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31(a) tomorrow. Think about this metaphor we have of being the body of Christ. When you are using your gifts in our congregation and in the world, what part of the body are you? Are there parts we are missing? Parts we are too quick to ignore or underutilize? Are there parts you want to develop in this season of life? Join us next Sunday and every week!

What (or who) will you follow?

As we celebrate Epiphany–the manifestation of Christ to all people, we acknowledge the wisdom of those who followed a star to find him. Like the magi, we need stars and guides to help us find Jesus, too. For the past two years, members of our congregation have received “star words” to serve as a guide, a whispering of the Spirit, in the year to come. Is there a word or source of wisdom that serves as a guide for you?